Covenant Fund Grant Information and Criteria


Just like he did with his fisherman-disciples so many years ago, Jesus invites us to do the challenging work of ministry in new ways. We do not move locations from where we are. We do not stop the work altogether. We simply – and not so simply – use new tools, new ideas, new methods, new energy to do Christ’s work in this ever-changing world. And if we are like the disciples, casting our nets on the right side of the boat, the Covenant Fund seeks to provide new nets for us to use. Only Christ can tell us where to fish, but we ought to be well equipped when we hear the call.

The Presbytery of Philadelphia established the Covenant Fund in 2008 to provide financial resources for ministry and mission initiatives of the Presbytery’s congregations and other entities. These grant funds are intended to seed and under-gird creative ministry initiatives within the Presbytery that…

  • Invite risk and imagination;
  • Engage and serve the needs and hopes of the community in a congregation’s specific ministry context;
  • Encourage collaboration and partnership between lay and pastoral leadership, or among two or more congregations or presbytery entities.

Source & Oversight of Funds
The Covenant Fund is a restricted account of the Presbytery, under the fiduciary responsibility of the Trustees of the Presbytery, and is held in a separate investment account designed to provide consistent income while protecting principal. An amount equal to 10% of the combined principal and interest value of the account at each year-end will be made available for distribution of grant awards in the following year.

A Covenant Fund Application Review Cohort will determine grant recipients.

Grant Application Criteria

  • Initiative proposals should demonstrate creative approaches to ministry and mission that show an understanding of how the world and church are changing, imagines and risks doing ministry in a new way, and encourages collaboration and partnership.
  • Initiative proposals must include budget, measurable goals, built-in evaluation process, defined outcomes.
  • Applications must be a church/entity or multi-church/entity initiative. Churches/entities wishing to request Covenant Fund support for initiatives must be current in their per capita and general mission payments.
  • Grant applications must be authorized by the session of a congregation or a council of the Presbytery. Preference will be given to those applications that include supporting funds from the church/entity.
  • Initiative proposals will be considered for only three consecutive years. Applications must be submitted each year.
  • Only mission or ministry programs will be considered – no capital expenditures or church budget support.
  • Maximum amount granted: $15,000.

2018 Applications will be made available on Friday, April 6, 2018