The 2020 Covenant Fund Application Process


Wave 2

  • Apply for up to $15,000 worth of funding for creative and adaptive ministries;
  • Deadline to Apply is August 7, 2020
  • Award announcements made and funds distributed by September 3, 2020.
Application Criteria & Process:
    • Applications will be made available on Friday, April 3, 2020. Maximum amount granted: $15,000.
    • Applications must be a church/entity or multi-church/entity initiative. Churches/entities wishing to request Covenant Fund support for initiatives must contribute to per capita and general mission payments.
    • Grant applications must be authorized by the session of a congregation, a council of the Presbytery, and/or approved leadership body.. Preference will be given to those applications that include supporting funds from the church/entity.
    • New initiative proposals will be considered for only three consecutive years. Applications must be submitted each year, with each subsequent year potentially declining in award amount to demonstrate progress in new funding partners and self-sustaining financial models.
    • Only mission or ministry programs will be considered – no capital expenditures or church budget support.
    • New initiative proposals must include budget, measurable goals, built-in evaluation process, and defined outcomes.
    • Applicants will be assigned a liaison from the Commission on Resources and Creative Ministries to assist in the application process and follow-up on ministry initiative should the grant be awarded to the applicant.
    • A Covenant Fund Grant Review Cohort, consisting of leadership from various Presbytery commissions, Presbytery Leadership Collegium, and Presbytery’s Executive Staff will review and evaluate all proposals.
    • Funds will be distributed to recipients of Covenant Fund Grants on receipt of agreement letters.
    • Submit applications to: 
    • For application questions, please email the Associate Presbyter, Rev. Greg Klimovitz at

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